Warranties For Septic Tank Replacement and Leaching Area Repair

Septic Service and Septic Repair is an industry that is very competitive. A good company will always have some type of a guarantee for their work. When you consider the large amount of money that is invested into our property, and considering the upkeep that goes along with that money, it’s obvious why the cost of repairs can be high. Fortunately, that cost can be kept down. The key is knowing what to look for when searching for a company that can provide your septic repair or pumping needs.

Septic Service vs. Pumping When you think of Septic Service vs. Pumping, it’s easy to just say, ‘Pump everything’ and that’s usually what we do. The process of pumping out drains and sewage is a vital part of keeping our drains clean and free from nasty germs and waste. The problem is, many people do not realize that there is more to this than just emptying a dirty toilet bowl. There are different parts to the process including the replacement of necessary equipment, testing the drainage lines every now and then, and sometimes, just re-cleaning the pipes. Any change in the way that your sewage system functions needs to be monitored and tested on a regular basis to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Leaching Area While you are on the search for a septic service or professional septic repair service in your area, it is important to know exactly where leaching takes place. A simple way to test your system is to go outside and stand on the street, sidewalk, or parking lot. If the area around the drain field is becoming dark with a brown or black sludge, this is where your sewage system is leaking. If the area around the drain field is clean and clear, you do not have a leaching area.

Drainage Issues As mentioned above, when your sewage system starts leaking, it is usually because there is an issue somewhere along your drainage system. A simple example would be a clogged storm water drain, backed up by vegetation and grass roots. A good septic repair contractor can check your drainage issues and suggest ways to fix them. Some drainage issues can be fixed by simply installing some type of cover over the drain field. This will keep excess water from being flushed into your basement or main sewer lines, which can cause serious damage to your sewage system.

Proper Sewer System Design and Operation The proper design of your septic tank replacement and other components can greatly affect how well they work. Many times, simple changes in the location of vents, drains, and fixtures can help reduce or eliminate issues. For example, if you notice that some drains are backed up behind a brick wall, perhaps you could have it enlarged so air can flow through it. There are a number of other minor changes that can be made to improve the functionality and efficiency of your septic systems. Your chosen and experienced septic repairs company can give you the advice you need to make these simple changes.

State Septic System Replacement You might be wondering what is involved in having your septic systems replaced. In short, there are a few different things involved. One would be the physical replacement of your tanks. When doing this, your contractors would usually first have to test your sewage system to make sure it is not damaged. Next, they would need to get your existing tanks cleaned out, including any cracks or other damage.

When your tanks are replaced, your new septic systems are then tested for operation and condition. Finally, your new warranting repair company would install everything under your warranty. Once your warranting repair company completes the job and is able to verify that the entire process is satisfactory, you will receive a call from your septic company informing you that your warranty has been satisfied.

Warranting repairs may be necessary in more extreme cases such as those where your sewage system has failed due to a leaking area in your tank or leaching area. If your leaching area is larger than ten feet, then your warranty will cover the entirety of your costs for septic tank replacement and repairs. If, however, the leaching area is only one foot across, your warranty will only cover the portion of the tank that has a leaking section. Your warranties company will help you determine which exact section of your tank needs to be repaired, but in most cases, this involves excavating an area of at least ten feet by twenty feet.